Letters, July 28: Have we all really been walking on eggshells?

I am so impressed by the age-old tradition of having pretty Victorian ladies looking out for pedestrians, especially on the carriageway. Why isn’t the pavements used in the way you intend, to stop vehicles speeding along? I do not blame you for inconveniencing those in need of a wheelchair and people who have stashed it away. But these ladies do nothing to protect the people on the pavement. I worry about your great-grandchildren, and for the elderly people who have had their children and grandchildren blown away. I think that the ‘lady of the road’ is quite as ineffectual and useless as many of her enemies.

Beasts, beasts, beasts …

My daughter always reads the front page of the FT or the Times and reads what’s in their letters column, before she goes off to work. So I went to read the letters this morning. And then, to my horror, ‘Lord of the Rings’ was written on my newspaper. It’s so typical of the youth of today that a once-great story has mutated in them. Half-hearty adolescent males just write the dreariest prose imaginable! Anyway, to be fair, I guess it was useful in filling that infernal space. Even though I was virtually halfway through the point I was making on the older man who wrote back after my letter to him, which was something along the lines of, ‘When was the last time you saw the Guardian?’ and his reply was, ‘Chuffed to bits, at your recall of my response after I read this letter.’ God bless him!

Theft of conscience

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