Six of the best places to visit in Europe with art, heritage and beautiful architecture

Europe is renowned for its artistic, natural and romantic beauty. But even if it is not normally a place you’d associate with traditional holidays, it does have some stylish spots you should check out, too.

A range of art lovers, from like-minded locals to people who are never abroad and are looking for a new way to get out of the city, has launched a year-long tour, dubbed Coatchan — the Dutch for a great walking holiday — exploring cities across the continent that are special to each host.

The tour lasts up to five weeks and includes a day in the countryside and a visit to places where you can see great art. “There’s no limit to the number of places you can take in a city, and the lack of traditional tourism makes the cultural attraction truly bloom,” says co-founder and designer Dorian Nicholas.

Every town has its highlights, and these are chosen by a combination of a variety of curated information, blogs, Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts. The cities, of course, vary in their level of star power, with some places that will leave you overwhelmed and some are very worthy of your time and attention. Whether you are looking for the new masterpieces you can discover or the places to seek out for beautiful, quiet moments, they are there.

Here are five places we’ve included.

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