WATCH: Cast And Crew Of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘An Unexpected Love’ Coming To Hollywood

Sometimes a movie looks good on paper, but sometimes it gets greenlit without a single screening.

“An Unexpected Love,” which was developed under the artistic supervision of our very own Miguel Arteta, is about a young American couple in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who meet in a basement club.

The script was the first effort by pop writer and rapper-turned-actor Lin-Manuel Miranda to fully translate his art into a screenplay. But chances are good that it didn’t feel “right” until a much-publicized version was cut from the 2016 Broadway musical “Hamilton.”

During the recent workshop for “An Unexpected Love,” I noticed a couple from “Hamilton” (the new movie) there for a matinee to watch. The couple was Darrin Dewitt Henson and Bebe Neuwirth. Some other people working on the project got some sort of hint from the couple that they were there. So we all stood up and introduced ourselves to the couple. I introduced myself and said hi to the whole cast and crew of the new film. Ms. Bebe looked at me and said, “Whoa! That is Chris Wilson, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s writing partner!”

I used the opportunity to introduce the story of “An Unexpected Love” to the cast. They clearly had an idea about what the film was about, but I wanted to get them all on the same page and also share with them some of the details of what Mr. Miranda and Mr. Wilson had to go through as they were refining the script. The show also had its own workshop.

I started telling them about Mr. and Mr. Wilson and a scene I had written for their production. You will see a video of this exchange that I shared with the cast right here:

Now I would like to introduce you to the movie itself and the amazing cast and crew that worked on it. Welcome to the Latino dream – Miguel Arteta, Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Arcilla, Phil Lamarr, Iman Elagui, Leyssa Espinosa and Alexander Kaliada.

Here is a movie poster for the film. “An Unexpected Love” will be available on Netflix in July of 2020.

Some of the New York cast of “An Unexpected Love”:

Alex Wang, Tabitha St. Claire, Erica Grody, Ari Silverstone, Thomas Vail, Christopher Knight and Rachel Mchale.

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