Brazil president announces cloud project with SpaceX

Image copyright AFP Image caption Rodrigo Menezes stands on the launch pad with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk at Spaceport America in New Mexico on 14 October

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has opened a new centre to help Brazilian companies in cloud computing.

The centre is part of a deal with SpaceX and is also connected to data centres operated by AirB&B and Microsoft, the ministry of communications and information technology said.

The President made the announcement in New Mexico.

This arrangement is among several deals being made with US firms and to expand US companies in Brazil.

Rocket oil

The President also announced plans to turn Sao Paulo into a “space city” through partnerships with companies including Moon Express, Rockwell Collins and Qualcomm.

He described Brazil as “perfect” for such projects since it has huge land – mostly sandy, and an extensive network of shipping channels.

Mr Bolsonaro has expressed an interest in developing the space industry, as did his predecessor Michel Temer. He has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Nasa.

Sao Paulo airport

Sao Paulo airport is being revamped to allow more space for airliners to land and take off.

Mr Bolsonaro has already signed an agreement with Boeing to build a new airport in Sao Paulo.

The plans are similar to those pursued by the previous President Michel Temer.

Bolsonaro’s action plans

Image copyright Caramá

The president was at the Caramá Foundation, in Sao Paulo, to sign another memorandum of understanding with the organisation.

Caramá is a non-profit network of world-class scientific institutions.

Mr Bolsonaro announced plans to establish the Caramá Institute of Science and Technology which will support the further development of emerging technologies.

Last week, he agreed to more than double military funding, while the defense budget will be renamed the Bolsonaro Presidential Military Defense Fund.

Following Mr Bolsonaro’s visit to the US, and what had been a previously delayed inauguration of his government, he has promised to improve Brazil’s relationship with the US.

He said last week that he was “going to invite Donald Trump, Donald [Trump] Jr and Donald [Trump] to visit Brazil”, although he stopped short of saying when.

Image copyright EPA Image caption President Jair Bolsonaro returns to Brazil

He said his choice for Brazil’s new defence minister was a man “who has an international relationship and organisation within the [United] States”.

Mr Bolsonaro was also announced as “first traveller” to the UK in order to meet Prime Minister Theresa May and senior UK government ministers.

On 29 September, he met US President Donald Trump at the White House.

It has been suggested that the visit is part of efforts to forge greater cooperation between Brazil and the US.

But on Monday, Mr Bolsonaro had a different message.

“When you talk to the Americans about cooperation, they tell you all about their nationalism and their toughness,” he said.

“Brazil is about education, technology, innovation and I want to bring positive solutions to our families. We can be the third largest market for Amazon [computers] after China and India.

“If we don’t have less isolation and we don’t help ourselves, all of us will suffer.”

He recently ordered the release of some data which previously had been sealed by the government to show that the dams of Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest, which is the size of Belgium, had shrunk by almost half.

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