Froze and fuming – Donald Trump joined by Mount Rushmore stars

Thought Donald Trump wasn’t getting the presidential treatment? Think again. A Facebook snap has emerged showing the US president surrounded by Mount Rushmore’s sculpted faces, wearing the garments of one of them.

It was taken in South Dakota and shared on Instagram. Some of the artwork captured on the shot is the doublet dress of former US president Teddy Roosevelt, but three presidents – each with their own head added to the landmark – are standing right behind him.

The original photo from Mount Rushmore was captured in August – and while it now appears to show the original scene altered by the team, that’s not the case.

A plaque on the stone shown in the original photo reads: “Eros (or Zeus, depending on which myth you believe) rested on Trump’s shoulders.

“Thought he was not the type of person to sit down and look at art? Think again. Here you have him up close and very personal.”

There have been memes recently comparing Trump with some of the larger than life figures depicted on the Mount Rushmore site.

The US leader has campaigned for his so-called “America First” policies that have seen trade barriers imposed, immigration crackdowns and a ban on Muslims travelling to the US.

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