Alexandria residents are getting upset. Here’s what went wrong.

For reasons that remain unclear, the city of Alexandria stopped expanding a bus lane last weekend while the sidewalk along The Esplanade was ripped up to help repair potholes and some sidewalks were rebuilt in advance of a planned expansion of the lane. You’d think that in light of the county’s extensive petitioning and even firing of the city transportation director, nothing but the most critical planning could go wrong.

But it did.

*Signs, no overhead light poles.

*Placing of bus stop signs in the median in the middle of busy North St.

*No sidewalks.

*Placing of signs on The Esplanade through residential area.

*Whole infrastructure contract without a site inspection until last day of work on this weekend.

*There are still no BUSES.

*We have been at it since Wednesday in the lane and the sidewalks. Residents are still turning on their lights to conserve battery life. We just left with some scaffolding going up! Folks are not happy!

*We worked the weekend all night and all day last week.

*We did two failed attempts trying to block construction but had to do it anyway. This was on a side street. All N. side sides.

*It’s a lot of work and some residents don’t want their homes or pets damaged.

*One parking violation filed, @VirginaState Police have issued us 3 car tags.

*Our medical staff workers also are caught in this. They love the area but are not used to the noise and traffic, literally and figuratively.

*It’s very noisy, and without a place to go. We need to find somewhere for everyone to go. We have the #TopPatrol officers and @ACVA to help us.

*@VirginaStatePolice lost me on 3 separate occasions on tonight’s 9/20 shift. The last time I got here @ 11:25pm. The constable ran to @ APD for me but couldn’t find me, even after 2 years. I was very happy for him until I found out @-4 was there but she said she wasn’t. I finally got the frequency. And @VirginaStatePolice can you help me, even though it’s not the top trooper it’s still my A cop. @VirginaStatePolice come try again. I hope that’s the last one.

*Police can you direct me to call a tow truck? This is what we all agreed would happen!! We don’t like this and we have been without a place to go so far.

*I asked @VirginaStatePolice if they can help find an off-duty police person to help us to #UseThebus Lane and move us. I have #NoLetup on my gun.

*One resident reported @VirginaStatePolice as being on this nearby street nearby and requested that the @VirginaStatePolice see this traffic incident as it’s occurring.

*Our basement is water damage!

*Our street is drying up out to two/three inches as we try to move @VirginaStatePolice to use Thebus Lane. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

We want the community and the community to know that the residents who have been caught in this mess so far are not backing down. To do so will only keep putting more pressure on the situation and make the situation worse. We are there working, communicating, and planning with you. And let’s be proud of what we are accomplishing.

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