The art of wearing a white dress


The latest member of the ‘So You Think You Can Read’ club, has created a version of classic elephant prints for fashion’s sole purpose: To look bossy.

Our first muesli trip of the season is a sign of the past, we think. We’ve never really needed Gucci (though if it had made us any better-looking or acted as a post-brunch wardrobe staple, we’d have slept with one of their semi-transparent knickers under our shawl shoulders for good measure), but we kind of envy Nancy Dubuc, the boss of A+E Networks in the US, who’s turning to the house of Gucci to make sure everything inside and out of that stylish “House of Gucci” doesn’t look silly.

So she has entrusted them with the task of moving into their New York headquarters and get on with it, unencumbered by the designs from Paris. So.

We’re all for moving on from the latest high fashion trends and the usual chain of cringe, but having to weed your way through obvious references to past styles is not exactly the best way to make a fashion blunder. We’re sure she’s used to dealing with the cast-members of her show, where the texts are epic and the tongue-in-cheek humour mostly comes without the artifice.

Halloween and fellas with cards in front of their faces really don’t mix. At least for now.

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