Meet the 54-year-old broadcaster who’ll be the new jungle host

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By day Snoochie Shy appears in the audience as host of Loose Women’s Sunbed Clinic, where it seems the advice is unending. These days she also hosts her own BBC Radio Gloucestershire show and regularly presents on BBC regional radio across the country, popping up as a travel guide or in general freak-out mode.

She’s a right funny sort, sounding just as at home interviewing Debbie Reynolds in her 80s as discussing stretch marks on Instagram. Her well-manicured, slightly dowdy smile is a nice counterpoint to all that sweetness. We wish her luck, really.

The Metroland Hall

She’s told the press she’s going to be covering quite a long stretch of the jungle, but it looks like she won’t be alone, aside from her other young co-host on the show, Jeeves. Loose Women stalwart Andrea McLean’s going too, which would help to make it a suitably ’70s camp experience (we’d totally sign up to call Rita under her hat, if only).

Jeeves isn’t so lively on his BBC radio show, but if she really wants to pile on the glam she could take a leaf out of fellow funny gal Phillip Schofield’s book and book some coverage on The One Show.

Tommy Thomson/ITV

She’s become somewhat of a celebrity, thanks to her years on Loose Women, which has aired in her ‘golden age’, as some might put it. A gender politics and women’s issues diehard, she’s also famously advocated for the rights of trans people to live and share their gender. In another incarnation, she would have been a comedian in her own right (she does know her way around an audience!).

All I’ve got to do now is make a pact with Dec – ‘you wear flannel pants, I’ll wear a dress!’

She even got to talk to Prince Charles on the show when he popped into the studio. The chat with Charles was by no means wonkish, but they didn’t shy away from covering his wife’s death in 2005 or cover the blossoming romance between Kate Middleton and Prince William on their engagement day.

They may not have had it all, but the royal wedding certainly went down a storm.

We’re fairly certain there’s more to this than meets the eye, but can’t exactly tell just yet, in what was undoubtedly a truth-free environment. In the meantime, she’s got the air of the odd super-confident girl who thinks she’s going to do something significant but can never quite settle down on the sofa. Not that she’ll complain – she’ll probably return when the show is on holiday.

We just hope that we don’t have to see an enormous amount of Loose Women at around the same time.

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