‘South Park’ freaks out with their most disgusting ‘censorship’ yet

“The news is about to start again. Soon.” This is the sound of the South Park boys getting the surprise of their lives as Facebook’s automated “censorship tool” fakes the start of the season. “Pixies were covered in bees,” its voiceover intones. “The milkman’s dad had a nervous breakdown.”

“Well, maybe not the milkman’s dad,” Matt Stone deadpans. The voiceover then cuts to an old-school therapy session where Cartman and Stan ask Stan’s mother, who is playing a therapist on TV. She beams at the duo and spews messages from the “WinXist”: a platform where ordinary people can sell their dreams on a regular basis. “Our site has 3.7 million users,” she says. “If you’ve only spent 5 minutes on the site, it’s a great opportunity to make it big.”

The boys convince Stan to join the site, dubbing him the “luckiest boy ever.” But it soon turns out that the WinXist is pulling one over on them by employing fake depression and anxiety symptoms that “normals” have to deal with — including “feeling very tired” and “heart pain.” The hypnosis takes over, and suddenly they’re competing against others to win a $40,000 grand prize.

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