Madonna takes Instagram to task after it censors her post with Bey and Samy Ayouen

Madonna slammed Instagram on Tuesday after the platform censored her post featuring a body-baring photo of her kissing niece, calling it “disrespectful.”

The image in question was a group shot of her, her niece, Samy Ayouen, and fellow singer Beyoncé. The photo showed her holding a sheet over her sister’s head, and letting her niece kiss her on the cheek.

“Instagram u guys are so rude!” she wrote on Instagram. “They have removed my photos of my niece dancing and acting like a crazy aunt at my place. My niece sang and danced all night and all I did was lip-sync to some Beyoncé whilst my daughter danced. I found so much joy dancing with my niece. She acted like a child again. To not show this to her brothers and sisters, to be censored for this is beyond contempt!”

The photo has since been restored.

“My niece was having fun!! How can u control what children see???” she continued. “It’s not for adults, it’s for children! I feel so unappreciated and objectified right now. My niece is 5 years old. I feed her, dress her, love her very much. By taking my beautiful niece’s happiness away you have disrespected her and her ancestors!!! I love my family. I cherish my niece and my sisters. This has sickened me and I love you all very much!!!!

“I’m sorry to those of you who feel I’ve gone a bit over the top with this!!”

She ended the post with a caption promising to fight “all injustice!”

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