Rick Perry reassures Nancy Pelosi he’ll keep funding to fight methane emissions

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Washington on Thursday, and renewed his offer to create a national program to reduce methane emissions, which he hopes to spend up to $1 billion on.

“The methane-reduction program would be the largest, most ambitious energy-efficiency and carbon-reduction program in the history of the Department of Energy,” he said.

The appropriations bill passed in March barred the Department of Energy from spending any funds to enact a national methane-reduction program — which could potentially result in state-level programs being cut off.

Perry said that he expected a new spending bill would revive the program, so as to fund the state-based programs. But on Thursday, Representative Mike Quigley, a Democrat from Illinois, wondered whether Congress would allow it to continue without additional funds. “Some will have to go,” Perry responded.

#EnergySec Rick Perry is prepared to spend $1B on a national #MethaneReductionProgram @NRDC thanks, for lack of a better word, but @Pelosi & @SpeakerPelosi seem to be cagey & unconcerned for such a winnable war on carbon. — Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) May 16, 2019

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