Ghostbusters new video hints at a female-led apocalypse

Way back in 1984, then-teenager Sigourney Weaver walked the halls of the New York Ghostbusters holding out a death grip on Paul Feig’s female reboot, vowing never to accept it as canon. Four decades later she’s missed it.

Since its release on 28 May, Ghostbusters: Afterlife has been praised for a smart take on the characters and themes of the original film, which Feig said never needed to be revisited. Now, thanks to latecomer Vanessa Bayer’s amateur sleuthing and Kristen Wiig’s sharpshooting, fans can run through a new extension of the universe that they have just begun to discover.

“The idea is to go back to the original scenario,” Feig told the Guardian in New York. “The original was so well thought out, but we wanted to keep the spirit of it.”

The supernatural comedy, which successfully stole box office dollars away from box office juggernaut The Mummy, will only scratch the surface of an established universe in which it acts as a mere lens. Wiig has a guest appearance as the still-smoking Rosie the Terror, though her co-stars are all featured in a new video hinting at an apocalypse that’s brought about by a combination of female regret and male sexism.

“Will you always say no?” Wiig asks a group of co-workers.

“The men can say yes,” co-star Kate McKinnon says with a laugh.

“Okay,” Wiig says. “That’s fine.”

“I’ll leave it alone,” she adds.

“We haven’t experienced so much failure,” another co-worker says, judging by Wiig’s commentary.

The female Ghostbusters are nice girls, we think. They’re just trying to get through their days with dignity. It’s time to clean the apartment and dust off their college art collection. But in real life there’s more to things than why women are so resilient. Women are complicated, like us.

Have you seen Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Do you think it’s a new Ghostbusters?

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