Kate Middleton, the future queen, says Britain must address overpopulation in American speech

The Duchess of Cambridge made a transatlantic connection while speaking at an official gathering in Boston, where she announced that she is traveling to Australia in the coming months for a month-long royal tour. The royal made the announcement while announcing a mental health initiative for young people called Heads Together. It’s a good cause and the British royals are lauded for doing good works in Britain, but some of the things she said during her speech brought to mind a comment William made last month — namely, his comment that: “If you have children, you’re going to have the next generation. And the next generation will have to carry on the work. So the sooner we can bring down the number of people on this planet, the better.” The British people overwhelmingly disapprove of an overpopulation policy, which the government of the world’s largest oil producer is trying to push through. Meanwhile, Britain’s fertility rate has been in decline for years, and has dropped significantly in recent years. Many countries that have fewer people in them are focusing on making sure those who have children are able to afford them. And British women are also putting off marriage and childbirth, which shows no signs of changing. What will it take for the British royals to stop overpopulation talk and get on with the job at hand?

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