‘I Didn’t Even Talk, Just Leave Me a Comment’: Video App Star’s Dumb But Fun Work Has Had Epic Results

Who says you have to say a lot to get the respect of young people?

A popular personality on the popular social media app TikTok has become an overnight sensation, but he didn’t need to strike a pose or say a word in order to attract support.

It was a question which came up on his profile and the 24-year-old answer has been a favorite on the social media app since it was created last February.

Hover over his profile and you’ll see “I didn’t even talk, but you have to like me, so here I am!”

After testing the outbursts for about 30 seconds the screen pops up, “Ask me anything, just leave me a comment.”

Will Hunter just keeps on smiling and laughing.

“He’s a comedy star on the front page of TikTok,” said Patrick Summerville, the company’s Canadian Chief Product Officer.

Hunter has been using the app for about a year to reach his fans, but it wasn’t until recently that he even started receiving replies.

He had been asked to appear on various podcasts with advice for other new social media stars.

He ultimately replied with the question, “Tell me anything.”

Your humble correspondent has seen his video 3,000 times, but hasn’t been able to resist asking him the question, “Have you turned professional?”

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