3 Big Trends We’re Excited to Learn About Live on Synthetic Biology Live Tuesday, Jan. 22

Bioengineers have made breakthroughs that could save our health and our habitats. Watch Dr. Luke Bailey discuss Synthetic Biology Live.

Enter Synthetic Biology Live, which brings together world-renowned experts in big trends like intelligence, innovation, the environment, the economy, food production, IT, finance, leadership, management, sports and everything in between.

Three of the biggest stories of the 21st century are artificial intelligence, climate change and synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is an industry of innovation that is developing the ability to disrupt old industries in new and powerful ways. Whether it’s DNA editing to treat diseases, the development of new antibiotics to combat cancer, or methods to produce a better recipe for corn, the future of this industry is unprecedented in both its reach and its success.

Synthetic biology has been around for decades, with numerous peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the potential. The field is dominated by academia, and has relatively few applications for the general public. But together, researchers and practitioners in different industries from all over the world are building on the promise of this field, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, harnessing the next breakthroughs, and taking our planet into the 21st century.

More than 300 attendees are in one room learning the basics of synthetic biology — and the future — during Synthetic Biology Live. Enrich your learning by joining us live at 5 p.m. ET as we chat with world-renowned speakers on this challenging topic.

Who’s going to join us?

Named by PCMag as the “2018 Independent Thinker in Genomics,” Vivek Wadhwa created the original proposal to found UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization.

Paul Allen says, “Inspired by scientists, mathematicians, and explorers, he’s transforming small data points into big data that can be used to predict risk and make decisions.”

Paul C. Allen of Vulcan

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Duke University, and program director for national security issues at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Co-founder and COO of MacroMind Inc., which works to improve functional cognition and decision-making in children with autism and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

Program Director at the Center for Manufacturing Innovation at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Cardinal of Miami

Professor of Chemistry at the University of Miami, and Senior Fellow at the Centro de Estudios Chino y Bienal y LATICA.

Program Director at the Leadership Institute in Commercialization

What are you most looking forward to?

Join us as we talk about:

How artificial intelligence is changing how we eat, manage our energy, and we communicate.

The future of our food production and consumption.

The status of genetic engineering in agriculture.

A wild ride into the future with innovation in synthetic biology.

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