Roger Federer was replaced by Rafael Nadal at the top of the men’s tennis rankings

Novak Djokovic is no longer world number 1.

With the delay in the men’s season from Davis Cup to tennis being pushed back to Wimbledon, we can expect some changes to the rankings and this is one of them.

The number 1 ranking is an annual fixture, but the rankings are delayed to ease tennis’ gruelling spring and early summer schedules.

The months of February, March and April are when the world’s top athletes are trying to perfect their gold medal performances and their best sprint times for the summer games. The Masters 1000 tournaments and Australian and French Opens are prime time play periods, so the demands are at their peak and physically and mentally we might see top athletes not be at the top of their game.

The list of number 1s includes no-go zones for top athletes such as a good night’s sleep, a healthy diet and a good water program. It takes many weeks of positive energy to weather the best of conditions and top athletes may benefit from resorting to a restorative retreat away from the pressures of competition, with time dedicated to whatever helps their program.

Many top athletes like to spend a night at their home base, like a chateau in Normandy or a 10-suite ski lodge in St. Moritz. Others choose a relaxation spot on an island with its own salt water pools or a getaway at a resort that is next to the beaches. A few prefer to travel to areas beyond the reach of the crowds.

In tennis, we see on numerous occasions the world number 1s returning to their home base where their training happens under the supervision of the coach or the academy they follow.

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