UK online marketplace iBuying now available for retailers

iBuying is available to buy on the UK high street, but is it worth shopping around? Shopping Cart Manager co-founder Katie Lucas explains

We are delighted to announce that iBuying Now is now available in UK high street stores. iBuying is a retail online marketplace, which enables retailers to increase their retail footprint at low cost. It’s all about accessible and frictionless shopping for retailers, which means building an online presence, selling products in a predictable and efficient way and using your own data to power targeted, cost effective transactions.

There are some great examples of iBuying success in the UK. A new clothing range from K&B Millinery went from launch to profit in a matter of days, while Grace by Neve was able to launch its women’s range in just two weeks. Meanwhile Ireland’s largest country house furniture retailer, Gantry Hall, completely sold out of a lifetime of stock of furniture within a week of launching. By using iBuying and the Marketplace function, it’s possible to present a much more competitive pricing strategy and can compete on price more effectively than retailers across the continent. There is plenty of talk of the UK market being the biggest in Europe but in reality it is certainly one of the most exciting retail landscapes in the world.

The iBuying Now store can currently be found on several high street retailers’ websites including House of Fraser, House of Fraser and Office. The new service was launched earlier this month and is being offered as a reward and incentives programme for retailers who use iBuying services in a maximum of 3 countries in this first phase. This will allow the programme to continue to grow over time, whilst working in partnership with the retailer’s sales team and national team to ensure a successful launch. The price reductions can range from 5%-10% – clearly the iBuying team are certainly doing their homework.

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