Follow the most expensive on the radar in Alexandria

Get on the one up and beautiful memory lane bandwagon. The company is stylish, sophisticated, and they make the right head nods while they help you have your wits about you. We all have to be careful about ageism in our own way, which can present challenges for those who are anxious about locking into a lifetime of luxury and entertainment and the company’s amenities help with that.

Luxury Senior Homes, a family-owned and operated long-term care provider based in Alexandria, Virginia, has a long and prestigious list of honor including US News and World Report’s rating of the Best Senior Care in the country for 2017. With its upper-level living and unit amenities, this business is all about refinement. Other perks include concierge service, washer and dryer, pool tables, liquor cabinet, home theater, and video games to name a few.

Scooters are available for commuting or on-site excursions in unique designed mini-bikes for everyone. If you want to take a private shuttle to your short distance destination, these adults-only accommodations have private cabins for sleeping, walking, or hiking and set you up with all amenities of your choice.

Everyone deserves privacy, and this organization is all about offering tranquility and quietness. Some special luxury amenities include reticulated air, easy-to-clean floors, and noise-absorbing, safe amenities to help you calm down and focus. The staff is well-trained and attentive. In person and online, they have their own highly rated websites.

The website for this senior residential living community features work of art and inspirational stories of the people that have come and gone through their doors. A variety of speaking events and seminars are presented by the team at this unique, upscale business that offers personalized personalized care and total flexibility.

The model luxury senior housing facility at 515 O’Dowd Street is available on both the East and West coasts, but this is currently available for occupancy only in Alexandria. For more information about the entire complex, please visit the company’s website, VIPSLDW, and scroll to the bottom of the website to view a sample of living spaces. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the website and read “Pricing” section as the current senior living community offers a variety of low monthly rents.

If you’re in the market for affordable luxury apartments or condos, check out Luxury Senior Homes and take the first step to securing your dreams of having your moment in time and need of a place to call home.

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